Judo, or the way of gentleness, is an

ideal form of physical exercise and a

reliable system of self-defense.

Created by Jigoro Kano for the purpose

of maximizing efficiency with minimal

effort. The aim of Judo is to perfect

oneself by systematic training of the mind and body so that each person works in harmony with themselves and ultimately with all others.  



Hapkido is a self-defense art. What

separates the techniques in hapkido

from other forms of self-defense is

 the use of ki, or vital energy. Pursing an understanding of ki is important

to master hapkido. Won Moo Hapkido

was created by Grand Master Lee Sang-Yun

for the purpose of self-defense against

other martial art forms.  

The practice of Martial Arts
provides an outlet
for the stress of everyday life.
We learn to
channel our negative energy into
positive things.

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