Martial Arts Benefits


Physical Conditioning

Through gradual and progressive exercise, the student learns to overcome present limitations in a safe and intelligent manner. Students quickly discover new vitality and energy.

  • Improved strength and flexibility.

  • More endurance and coordination.

  • Natural weight control (adding, losing, or rearranging).




Social Skills

Your own self-image determines how you feel about yourself. By achieving short and long term goals the student develops self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. The instructor expects good manners and maintains the traditional standards of respect at all times. We firmly believe in doing our best for all.

  • When you feel good about yourself, you feel good about others.

  • Positive self-image and self-confidence will prevent more fights than any physical technique or weapon.





Emotional Control

The practice of Martial Arts provides an outlet for the stress of everyday life. We learn to channel our negative energy into positive things. Emotions, especially anger and hatred, can cloud the mind preventing the student from thinking clearly.

  • Only when we can control ourselves, can we hope to control what happens around us.

  • Students learn that violence is not an acceptable expression of one's emotions.






Mental Discipline

The mind needs to learn discipline as well as the body. Students of the Martial Arts will develop better goal setting skills, positive mental attitudes, and a positive self -image.

  • Better listening and thinking skills.

  • Longer attention span.

  • Better grades in school.

  • Increased mental and physical awareness.



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